2-3 Years Program

“The ambience at Happy Days is so welcoming to the infants and toddlers that they never feel there away from us. Rehan was always eager to go to preschool because of the staff’s incredible warmth, love, and care.” ~Adit

2-3 Years Program

The 2-3 Years Program was designed to fulfill the physical, emotional, social, creative and intellectual needs of our toddlers. As such, the teachers at Happy Days see and treat each child as a unique personality who requires help, support, and guidance to reach his maximum potential at his own pace.

Our toddler program lays a sound foundation for the development of
social and interpersonal relationships by teaching everything from toilet training to language skills. At Happy Days, table manners and self-feeding are continuously emphasized in a fun and nurturing way. Our program goes beyond California requirements to boast an incredible 1:6 teacher-to-child ratio.

Our dedicated teachers assist in the development of the imagination to form expressions through hands-on learning. Your child will be exposed to a variety of arts and crafts materials and tools (sand, mud, dough, clay, paint, etc.). The curriculum includes learning centers such as math, language, sensorial and practical life

2-3 Year Program: Teacher and Toddler

Through games, music and movement classes, and fun exercises, your child will develop his small and large muscles as his coordination continuously improves. In addition, expressive drama exercises teach the child to get his feelings across, while manipulative games aid the development of hand-eye coordination.

Interpersonal relationships are developed by placing the children into small working groups. In such groups, your child will learn to interact positively with others, while maintaining his individuality.

As part of our curriculum, we emphasize good manners and consideration towards others. As such, we use positive reinforcement methods such as a ticket reward chart to reward good behavior as an alternative to traditional time outs.

Happy Days Child Development Center provide many opportunities for parent participation in the program. Classroom parties, field trips, cultural celebrations, parades, and workshops are a sample of those activities that bring school and family together.