Kindergarten Program

“Michael has acquired a lot of knowledge at Happy Days. He was most excited to show off his math skills, and he asked us many questions about Nature, History and Science.” ~ Michelle

Kindergarten Program

The Kindergarten program at Happy Days Child Development Center has been designed to fulfill the physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs of your five-year-old. As such, the program sees and treats each child as a unique personality who requires help, support, and guidance to reach his or her maximum potential at his or her own pace

Our Language Development Program is used to teach the children to read, write, and listen. Using workbooks, the children read, cut, glue, and listen to auditory instructions while practicing letter formation. Your child will also develop math skills by using workbooks and activities to practice patterning, graphing, and story problems. Number recognition, counting, and numeral formation are the basics of the program.

Morning circle time includes story time, sharing, singing, poetry, science, and various discussions on books, feelings, likes and dislikes. Additionally, we conduct fun, simple, and supervised cooking classes.

Kindergarten Program - Kids Coloring

Art is also an integral part of the program. The children’s art projects will reflect what is learned each week in science, math and language.

Learning continues in the afternoons when children participate in a variety of learning experiences relating to that morning’s lessons, thereby expanding their understanding of topics covered and sharpening skills. Each child is guaranteed time to make use of our unique educational programs.

Hands-on learning is highly encouraged through learning centers that include math, language, sensorial and practical life themes.

Happy Days Child Development Center provide many opportunities for parent participation in the program. Classroom parties, field trips, cultural celebrations, parades, and workshops are a sample of those activities that bring school and family together.