Mission and Philosophy

“Deepest gratitude to the Happy Days team for the effort and patience in shaping these young minds and preparing them for their academic future” ~Rolyn

Mission and Philosophy

Challenging Curriculum…In a Fun & Safe Space

Our study program and education approach are based on the theory of Jean Piaget, and his research, which focuses mainly on the intellectual/conceptual development of the child.

Piaget theorizes that an adequate environment will enhance the child’s inner motivation to investigate, understand, learn, and overcome hurdles he encounters. This self-study equips the child with adequate tools to cope with his daily living surroundings. The child passes from one intellectual/conceptual stage to another when ready, in a natural way, at his own pace; all of this on condition that we supply him the “appropriate materials” and a surrounding, supportive of his inquiries.

Happy Days’ mission is to facilitate the development of the immense and unique potentials of children for the specific purpose of making them:

Kid and Globe
Joyful and dynamic personalities
Intelligent explorers who overcome obstacles with confidence and joy.
Kids Playing
Self-reliant, disciplined, responsible, and graceful children.

Happy Days is dedicated to helping children find and sustain their happiness through self-achievement.