Infant Program

“Alex has been going to Happy Days since he was 12 weeks old. All of his teachers were so wonderful, and from each one he learned a different lesson.” ~Tara

Infant Program

The Infant Program has been designed to fulfill the physical, emotional, and intellectual needs of your infant. We help each baby develop a sense of trust in his world by experiencing a routine in which basic needs are met (food, dry diapers, warmth, and affection). Your child will form deep and lasting attachments to people who care for him in a program tailored to his personal needs.

Our infant room consists of several activity areas. In our exploration area, your child can use manipulative toys (washed in solution after being mouthed) and practical life materials. Learning continues in our little explorer area with ramps, steps, and low climbing structures to help build motor skills and coordination.

Infant Program - Infant Playing

When play is done, a sleeping area allows your child to nap in his own crib or cot. We have established a safe environment with a variety of stimuli that include rhythmical education, music appreciation (classical music is played through our speaker system as background music), educational games, and dance.

The ratio of teachers to infants is 1:4 (or better) in order to maximize interaction and consistent care giving. The teachers help your infant experience the world through developing a new set of skills such as sitting, crawling, standing, and walking. We practice language skills with books, storytelling, circle time activities, and songs. During small group meal times, we practice table manners and self-feeding.

Since we believe that parent participation is an integral part of the program, we ensure that parents and staff interact daily to share pertinent information about the child. Daily written records are also maintained for each child and given to parents at the end of each school day.