Food and Health

“The food is great and all of the cultural exposure and celebrations are amazing too.” ~Aarti

Food and Health

We take food and nutrition seriously at Happy Days Child Development Center. It is not only critical to a child’s development, but serves as the foundation for reinforcing healthy eating habits from an early age. Our menu focuses on nutritious ingredients, and much of our menu incorporates whole foods and organic ingredients. Our menus are posted monthly on the bulletin board.

Food and Health

Our Yummy Benefits

Menu Options

• We offer two versions of our well balanced nutritious menu, one that includes meat, and another that is strictly vegetarian.

2 Snack Times

• Teachers work with the Director to tailor a menu to each infant’s needs.

Custom menu for children younger than 24 months

• Children are served 2 snacks daily.


• Children are encouraged to eat “our minimums” but are never under any circumstance forced to eat.

Sample Menu