“My daughter is in a class where all of her teachers are simply amazing. My wife and I are at peace because we know that our daughter is in good hands.” ~ Hariharan

Safety is Paramount

The safety of the children at Happy Days Child Development Center is our number one priority. We have designed our facilities and our procedures to make this happen.

Safety - Door Lock
Secure Door Entry

The front door to our facilities is always locked, and only parents are provided with a key fob that will allow them to enter the school.

Safety - Security Camera
Internet Viewing System

While at work, you can see what your child is learning via our Internet Viewing System. There are video cameras in the classrooms that connect through to an online viewing system. This system is only accessible to the parents.

Safety - Sign in/out
Sign In/Sign Out

Rest assured that everyone in the school is always accounted for. Whether it be visiting parents or staff, everyone must sign in and sign out of the school at all times.