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Happy Days’ success is rooted in its unique teaching program and exquisite teachers. We make it a top priority to recruit the most educated, talented, enthusiastic and loving teachers. Our management and teachers work closely to ensure the highest quality and personalized program for your child by incorporating new ideas and projects into the pre-established guidelines. We go beyond California requirements to provide a better (lower) teacher to child ratio (Infant 1:4 or better, 2-3 years 1:6, Preschool 1:8)

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Our Core Play Centers

At Happy Days Child Development Center we take our play very seriously. That’s why
we have so many core play areas! These areas include…

  • Dolls
  • Blocks
  • Science
  • Costume
  • Drummer
  • Books

Welcome to the Young and Mobile Infant Room! (Infant)

The infant room is a warm, soft, and stimulating environment where your young baby will build a sense of security and inclination for exploration. This environment consists of:

Play Area

Your baby can lie or be held and is given ample space to roll over and move towards interesting objects that support sensory and motor explorations.


Toys are responsive to the child’s actions and scaled to a size that enables him or her to grab, chew, and manipulate (e.g., clutch balls, music instruments, push and pull toys, rattles, soft washable animals, dolls, and teethers).

Explorer Room

Ramps, steps, and low climbing structures will help build motor skills and coordination.

Sleeping Area

Your child’s own crib (or cot) and quiet sleeping area are incorporated into the room’s design.

Your baby will be able to form a relationship with a primary caregiver who is responsible for building your baby’s trust and emo- tional security. All of his or her unique needs will be met predictably and consistently and daily communication with the parents is established and maintained.

play area program

Alex has been going to Happy Days since he was 12 weeks old. All of his teachers were so wonderful, and from each one he learned a different lesson.


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Welcome to the Smart Two’s Room! (2-3 Years)

The twos are very busy small people: identity becomes a dominant issue as well as independence, control, security, and a strong desire to explore. To address their needs, we provide an environment that includes:

Small Classes

12 children per class with a ratio of one teacher per six children.

Independent Activities

Activities are designed to offer the twos chances to be in control, participate in group play, music and movement, art, and fantasy play (e.g., doll area, blocks, science, make believe, music, sensory area, art center, quiet book area, and a wide variety of manipulative toys).

independent program image

At Happy Days, there were always stimulating activities going on for the kids. Frequently, I would receive unsolicited comments about what my girls did during the day, and I always felt that the caregivers were all genuinely interested in their progress and achievements.


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Welcome to the Little Explorers Class (3-4 Years)

The environment of this room was designed to fulfill and aid the physical, emotional, intellectual, creative, and social needs of the children in this age group. It promotes a positive climate for learning, where children are challenged to participate in learning experiences that reflect their ability and developmental level.

Benefits of Hands on Learning Centers

• Promotes language, math, science, phonics, music, art, computer and motor skills
• Integrated into the room

Teachers help lay a foundation for group play (art projects and dramatic play) to build a sense of cohesive community, learn constructive relationships and sustain beginning friendships. The daily schedule is designed to allow alternating periods of active and quiet time.

child program image

The ambience at Happy Days is so welcoming to the infants and toddlers that they never feel there away from us. Rehan was always eager to go to preschool because of the staff’s incredible warmth, love, and care.


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Welcome to the Problem Solving Class (4-5 Years)

The pre-K room was designed to help develop the intellectual, emotional, creative, physical, and social skills of each child at his or her own pace through:

Learning and Thinking

Fosters the child’s initiative and active exploration of materials and engagement with other children by posing problems, asking open ended questions, and making suggestions. (e.g., writing letters and numbers, phonics, a wide variety of art projects, and group projects.)

Interactive Activities

Includes pretend play at the doll area and dramatic play area (play house), reading books, putting on a puppet show, discovering physics at the block area, a hands on experiment at the science area, playing a musical instrument, solving puzzles and playing educational games on the computer.

Learning program image

Happy Days’ staff deserves very special recognition. Their school has a team of teachers who is experienced, warm, loving, and attentive.


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Welcome to Kindergarten

Your child will soon be entering elementary school and will experience new expectations and learning styles. To help in the smooth transition, we have designed our K class environment as a bridge between the preschool and school years. The goal is to help children develop concepts and skills in language, literature, reading, mathematics, writing, social, music, science, health, aesthetics, art, social studies, and gross/fine motor skills.There is a balance between hands on learning centers (pre-school style) that promote individual and group exploration and our highly academic phonics and math programs (school style) which were designed to help children read and write as well as achieve kindergarten level math reading. Our phonics program will develop five major skills: oral language, auditory discrimination, visual discrimination, kinesthetic development, and linguistic skills (reading).

In learning centers (pre-school style), there is a big variety of meaningful activities: children seek solutions to concrete problems, measure sand, water, and cooking ingredients, observe and record changes in the environment, construct with blocks, classify objects for a purpose, explore plants and animals, express feelings and what they see through art, music and dramatic play.

Learning program image

Michael has acquired a lot of knowledge at Happy Days. He was most excited to show off his math skills, and he asked us many questions about Nature, History and Science.


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