Happy Days CDC has been around for a LONG time…
since 1964 to be exact

Happy Days CDC is a private pre-school that focuses on high academics, self- exploration and social skills. Each one of our programs has been designed for the age appropriate needs of the child, and we offer unique programs for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. Some of the age appropriate activities for your child will include circle time, music and movement, science, cooking, writing skills, phonics, reading, language, motor skills, social skills, math, story time, manipulatives, games, art and crafts and outdoor play. Electives are also available and include ballet, two different fitness/sports classes, Spanish language class, and music.
Happy Days CDC encourages parent involvement since it’s essential to the child’s development. There are lots of opportunities for parents to stay involved: back to school nights, parent/teacher conferences, field trips, workshops, parties, and special events.

child on swing at happy days cdc

Happy Days Mission & Philosophy:
Challenging Curriculum…In a Fun & Safe Space

Our study program and education approach are based on the theory of Jean Piaget, and his research, which focuses mainly on the intellectual/conceptual development of the child. Piaget theorizes that an adequate environment will enhance the child’s inner motivation to investigate, understand, learn, and overcome hurdles he encounters. This self-study equips the child with adequate tools to cope with his daily living surroundings. The child passes from one intellectual/conceptual stage to another when ready, in a natural way, at his own pace; all of this on condition that we supply him the “appropriate materials” and a surrounding, supportive of his inquiries.
Happy Days’ mission is to facilitate the development of the immense and unique potentials of children for the specific purpose of making them:

  • Joyful and dynamic personalities
  • Intelligent explorers who overcome obstacles with confidence and joy.
  • Self-reliant, disciplined, responsible, and graceful little children.

Happy Days is dedicated to helping children find and sustain their happiness through self-achievement.

children learning at happy days cdc

Food and Health

We take food and nutrition seriously at Happy Days CDC. It is not only critical to a child’s development, but serves as the foundation for reinforcing healthy eating habits from an early age. Our menu focuses on nutritious ingredients, and much of our menu incorporates whole foods and organic ingredients. Our menus are posted monthly on the bulletin board.

Our Yummy Benefits

Menu Options

• We offer two versions of our well balanced nutritious menu, one that includes meat, and another that is strictly vegetarian.

2 Snack Times

• Teachers work with the Director to tailor a menu to each infant’s needs.

Custom menu for children younger than 24 months

• Children are served 2 snacks daily.


• Children are encouraged to eat “our minimums” but are never under any circumstance forced to eat.

Girl eating at happy days cdc

Safety is Paramount

The safety of the children at Happy Days is our number one priority.
We have designed our facilities and our procedures to make this happen.

lock image

Secure Door Entry

The front door to our facilities is always locked, and only parents are provided with a key fob that will allow them to enter the school.

security cam image

Internet Viewing System

While at work, you can see what your child is learning. There are video cameras in the classrooms that connect through to an online viewing system. This system is only accessible to the parents.

sign image

Sign In/Sign Out

Rest assured that everyone in the school is always accounted for. Whether it be visiting parents or staff, everyone must sign in and sign out of the school at all times.

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kid and globe at happy days cdc
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